Arink Bertrand

Please help us find our cat:
His name is Bernie, he is an older cat about 13 years old. weighs 19lbs. He is a Russian Blue (grey coat) has a red collar with 2 tags: green & red tags and a bell that jingles. He got out yesterday 9/4/19 and the nest cam picked up that he was attacked by 2 dogs around midnight on our porch. I am worried that he may be injured.
You can reach me at 703-579-7242

I am missing my baby boy Romeo. He was last seen Monday morning at my home on Deveron Drive in Shively, KY. He is fat, black, with green eyes, and a nub tail. He’s very smart and friendly. I have a feeling someone has him in their home. I really need him to come home because I dearly miss him. I’m sick not knowing where he is. Please contact me if you know any info at all?! Thank you all!

Found pig in the Zelma Fields neighborhood off Beulah Church Road.

We are fostering the pig until its owner can be found. The closest vet to where piggy was found, Fegenbush Lane Clinic, has no record of any pigs but did scan for a microchip. Piggy is chipped, however the microchip was never registered so there is no record of the owner or the place of adoption/chipping.

Owner must identify pig. Please text if you know anyone missing a pig: Jessica @ 502-771-1778

Momma Cat finally got hungry enough to wander into the garage last night. She’s skinny but she’s back home getting fattened up. Thanks to everyone who kept an eye out!

LOST – Black Cat, Female, Solid Black with Green Eyes. Went missing 6/15 in Jtown at Vantage Rd. and Gaudet Rd. She’s about 10 lbs, and needs prescription Urinary food. Her kittens (now 3) miss her. Very spooky outdoors, very hard to spot or catch. Please call or email. (502)345-4981 /

Toki is a 10 year old neutered male indoor cat. He is microchipped but not wearing a collar.
He is 13 lbs and all black with a small faint patch of white in his chest.

Missing since 5/20/19

He was last seen in Valley Station 40272 area, Villa Anna neighborhood (behind Meijers on Dixie) nearest cross street Kendall Rd and El Prado

Please, if you see any stray black cat in the area, even just a glimpse, let me know.
Contact Sarah by email or phone 812.955.0939 (texting is best) Thank you!

8 year old female lost in Belknap area (Fleming and Gresham). Grey and white longhair. Distinctive markings – mostly grey with white stripe on forehead and 4 white feet. Very friendly, but skittish. Will come when called. No collar, but she is chipped and spayed.

Harvey wandered off our porch this Monday, May 20th, in the Oakdale neighborhood. He is a 20 year old black cat with brown undertones. He has green-yellow eyes, a crook at the tip of his tail, and a dark spot on the inside of his right ear. Harvey is slender and deaf from old age. However, he isn’t usually skittish and is very loving.

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