A friend of s friend posted a found Yorkie on Facebook
I could not rely to Alyssa on this site.
The girl who posted for a friend is Nancy Moody who is on Facebook. Not sure it’s Allyssa’s lost Yorkie

LOST: Canon (SLR) PowerShot Camera “SX30 IS,” strap, lens cap, and five (5) memory cards. (Color: Black camera with black strap that says Canon and it has a small pouch of memory disks on the left side. This camera is from 6 September 2011, so it is a few years old.

DATE: 21 December 2014, after 12:35 p.m.

LOCATION: Camera had been on top of the SUV and the driver unknowingly drove west onto New LaGrange Road and then onto the Watterson Expressway (heading east). then out to I-71 North, then onto Gene Snyder Freeway, turned left onto KY Highway 22-(left) to the Olive Garden. Somewhere on those roads is where the camera must have fallen off of the SUV.

CONTACT INFORMATION: 502-762-2093, menogo04@yahoo.com


CONTACT INFORMATION: menogo04@yahoo.com
St. Matthew’s Police Report # 0314003086

LOCATION: I was walking on Preston Street in the PRESTONIA Neighborhood and I found a house key (Lowe’s) and a car key (with a built-in car remote that had three buttons). The car key is about 4.5 inches long. The numbers on the key are difficult to read. The plastic portion is black.

This approximate location is near the HOMETOWN PIZZA and believe someone might have had their keys on top of the car and forgotten about them when leaving the restaurant.

The keys were on the northbound lane on the east side of the street, next to the curb.

We can talk (write) about how to get together and get you your keys.
Best wishes everyone!

I found several bills on 8-18 near eastern parkway. I would like to get it back to owner

Hello. My name is Alyssa Jordan. I have lost my dog around the end of June beginning of July. She is a yorkie named Victoria, about 10 yrs and loosing most teeth. If you have her please email me back. I miss her.

16 yr old black male cat. Green eyes. White spot on neck. No front claws and very very gentle cat.

It appears to be an oriental shorthair. Friendly. Gender unclear. Please email me ASAP if you know anything about this cat or if you are interested in adopting it. It really needs a home fast.

This is Loki, she went missing on 7-13-2016. She was last seen on 7th avenue in shepherdsville ky. There is a 500.00 reward.
Please call 502-609-0970 with any information about her.

This is Loki, she went missing on 7-13-2016. She was last seen on 7th avenue in shepherdsville ky. There is a 500.00 reward.
Please call 502-709-0970 with any information about her.

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