Please help me find Sprocket. He was last seen in Hillview on Glenview Rd. He’s only 2 and never been outside. He has claws.

Lost our little 3 month old puppy this morning, 8/25/18.
-He is white with brown spots, mostly around the face.
-Pomeranian mix puppy.
-Small green-gray eyes and brown nose.
-Fluffy, short-haired with medium length all-white bushy tail.
-Brown on backside, white on frontside pointed ears.
-Had on a breakaway cat collar with kiwi fruit design, silver bell, and bowtie.
-Responds to Theo.

If found, please email!!

Two lost Siberian huskies since Sunday night. Bigger dog is 2-year-old male. He is red and white with blue eyes and weighs about 60lbs. Smaller dog is 5-year-old male. He is grey and white with blue eyes and weighs about 40lbs. Both dogs have IDs on red nylon collars for underground dog fence. Bigger dog had on muzzle when he went missing as he gets into dangerous items in the garage when they are inside on cold nights. Both dogs are friendly. Please contact me with any information at any time!

Found a yellow and white male cat. Found near Warnock St. Not neutered and about 2 years old. He was taken to Louisville Metro Animal Services.

Found a yellow and white male cat. Found near Warnock St. Not neutered and about 2 years old. He was taken to Louisville Metro Animal Services.

Blue went missing 05/18/2016. He jumped from my second floor porch so he may be injured. He’s a white neutered male with blue eyes and pretty large teeth. He’s friendly and easily distracted by wet cat food or chicken. He’s not familiar with the area as he’s been in indoor cat since I moved here. He’s got some Siamese in him so his meowing can be pretty distinctive, especially when he’s distressed.

We found this female small white poodle near Chenoweth Ln and Napanee Rd. She looks like she may have had a recent haircut and she was found with out a collar. She seems healthy and in fair condition. Maybe a little on the skinny side and dirty but we will take care of that tonight.

You can call 513-255-4251 for Dale or 513-255-4250 for Kim

Small black & white Shih-Tzu or mix found behind the Bon Air Library near the corner of Ada Lane & Shannon Drive on the evening of Sunday, November 30th.

Unsure of gender (pup was very scared & didn’t want to traumatize the poor thing too much so soon) or age, but pup’s teeth look good so probably relatively young. I would estimate he or she has been outside for about a week or two given thinness & condition of fur, although it looks like this was definitely someone’s well-cared-for pet not too long ago. No tags, dog is not leash trained, nor is it street savvy. Frightened but gentle & friendly.

Please text Jessica at (5O2) 3O3-4O89 or e-mail jessicacraigslist@yahoo.com to identify. NO CALLS, PLEASE

My cat MILO went missing the night of sept. 9th, He lives near the intersection of lower hunters and terry. Please help me find him, his little sister is grieving and not eating and his dog misses him also. He weighed around 20 pounds. If found please call Brian at 502-742-4026

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