missing cat

Our cat, Reese, went missing on Thursday, Feb. 6, 2020. She is a domestic short/medium hair and calico/torti in color. She is missing fur on her belly and back legs due to allergies and needs medications. She went missing in the PRP area near Greenwood Rd and Mango Dr. She has been spayed and chipped. Please contact us anytime @ 502-200-2609.

Butterball has been missing since January 7, 2018. He went outside to play and has not been seen since. He is blond and white, long haired, his left ear is tipped, and he has been neutered. He is a very special and loved member of our family. His mother brought him and his siblings to our door 5 yrs ago and they’ve been with us ever since. Butterball has “helped” me recover from 5 back surgeries so we have always been very close. Please, if anyone has seen him or knows where he may be, let me know! We only want to bring him home so our family will be complete once again!

LOST my baby AshMarie yesterday, if anybody has seen her PLEASE let me know! She is 3 years old, Lynx point Siamese, responds to Ash, very scared of new people. Lost her collar a week ago. She is missing in the highview area, by Moore High School. Please message if found or seen, feel free to share. Thank you!

Lost cat last seen on 11/21/2016 lost in jtown?stonybrook area
Very timid, but friendly
has white at the tip of his tail
reward if found

Boas (Bo) went missing this morning when he darted out the door around 6am. He was last seen around Old Henry Road in the Middletown/Louisville area.

He is a brown, male Mackerel tabby around 2 1/2 years old. He often walks around and sits with his tail hooked over his back (pictured). We’re worried sick – especially my mother-in-law and Bo’s twin brother, Sam. If anyone finds him or even SEES him, please call (502-254-5432).

If you should find him and he is in less than perfect health, please take him to the vet. We will HAPPILY pay for any necessary expenses, including any gas it took to get him there. He is MICROCHIPPED but is not wearing a collar.

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